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Roof Coatings in Leeds

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Roof coatings in Leeds help to maintain the look of your roof and they protect it against weather influences. As a roof suffers a lot from the weather, roof tiles and slates become porous over time.

This porosity leads to little cracks, as a result of which damp can penetrate the surface. Consequently, lichens (mosses) and algae will be able to stick to the surface faster. In order to keep your roofing neat, you can remove the moss sometimes or have your roof cleaned.

How Often Should Re-Coat My Roof

However, this should not be done too often! Otherwise, the roof will eventually become even more fragile.

You can avoid this by protecting the roof with a qualitative roof coating after cleaning. This way, your roof will be protected for years.

Advantages of a roof coating

The house gets a completely new appearance. It even seems as if a new roof covering has been applied.
Cost-saving: the old tiles or roof slates do not have to be replaced. The roofing is well-protected against penetration of damp, but it is still able to breathe. The protective layer is vapour permeable. The value of your house will increase when the roof has been coated.

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